Volvo 9800 4X2 bus mod for ATS [1.28]

Download Volvo 9800 4X2 bus mod for American Truck Simulator.


ATS Volvo 9800 4X2 bus mod

– Standalone and sold in Kenwoorth shop
– Has it’s interior, sounds, wheels, etc.
– 1.28 tested

Volvo 9800 4X2 bus mod for ATS [1.28]

American Truck Simulator - Bus

Download (306MB)

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Stupid! You wrecked letting us hear one of the best engine sounds ever with overly fucking loud traffic sounds! ETS and ATS have the shittiest traffic sounds ever, anyway, with trucks in overdrive on the Freeway sounding like fucking lawnmowers. In real life, you do NOT hear every car, truck and bus on the opposite side of the highway, coming from a mile off, with peak sound AFTER you have gone past them! And you have all that shit turned up! What a waste. A mod from the kid who was never allowed to succeed, and so has to sabotage… Read more »